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Hinduism - An introduction to Hinduism.

Incarnations of Lord Vishnu - A short description of Vishnu's incarnations - Lord Vishnu does his job of preserving the world by incarnating himself in different forms at times of crisis.

Ramayana - The epic of Ramayana isn't only about Lord Rama and his attempt to rescue his consort Sita. Ramayana is also about devotion, loyalty, family roles and respect to elders.

The Religious form of the caste system - In ancient India there developed a social system in which people were divided into separate close communities. These communities are known in English as caste. The origin of the caste system is in Hinduism, but it affected the whole Indian society.

Hindu reformers and Indian nationalism - In the 19th century some Hindu reformers remodeled Hinduism. The main purpose of these reformers was to adjust Hinduism to modern period and cause changes in the Indian society. The ideas expressed by these reformers influenced many Indian nationals and they used their philosophy to evoke Indian nationalism and Indian ethos.

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