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North India

Taj Mahal on a busy day

Enlarged image of the Taj

Area around the Taj 

The Dome of the Taj

The marble of the Taj

India Gate, Delhi

Kutub Minar, Delhi

Humayun tomb, Delhi

Pink City - Jaipur

Lake Palace - Udaipur

Palace in Rajasthan

Sunset in Pushkar

Elephant in Rajasthan

Hava Mahal - Jaipur

Along the main road

Service station in rural Rajasthan

A typical village house

Another Fort/Palace in Rajasthan

Inside the fort walls

West India

Juhu beach - Mumbai 

Sunset at Juhu beach

Juhu beach at night 

Five star hotel - Mumbai 

Villagers, Virjoli 

House, Virjoli

House with a tulsi in front, Virjoli

Janjira fort 

Village, Janjira

Jewish Synagogue - Nandgaon 

Cycles in Pune 


Modernized India
Eat a hamburger 
Pizza delivery 
Credit Card :Someone asked me if there are credit cards in India 
Made in India 
Malbar Hill - Mumbai 
A modern shop 
Another modern shop 
Hoovercraft - Mumbai 
Computer exhibition 

Crowd of India

Near the stadium, New Delhi 

On way to Taj Mahal 

At Juhu Beach, Mumbai 

View from a taxi 

Hanging around the hoovercraft 

South India




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