A little more about Ramayana

By: Ms. Shashi Vasan



I'm writing to clarify some information on this particular website which you

have created. It's quite well constructed, however I wish to make an

additional statement in regards to the incarnation of Lord Rama. Lord Rama

is actually an incarnation of the Supreme Being or GOD in His many


The way this story transpires is, in Vaikuntha, the spiritual Universe or

abode of Lord of all Universe, Lord Sri Mahavishnu has 2 gatekeepers who

resemble the Supreme Being (since it's the spiritual Universe and everything

shines in His Glory), egotism slowly enters their being and they are

disrespectful to 4 eternal Rishis known as the SanatKumaras's who are in the

form of children of 3 years and sky clad and are trying to enter this

particular Spiritual Universe for a vision of the Grand Sight of Lord Sri

Mahavishnu. These two gatekeepers, namely Jaya and Vijaya ignorantly insult

them (thinking that the Rishis were mere children) and therefore bar them

from entering Vaikuntha.

At this rude and disrespectful and arrogant behavior, these 4 Kumaras loose

their temper and curse them saying that, letting ignorance cloud their true

knowledge and making them arrogant and disrespectful. They curse the 2

gatekeepers, saying that since darkness has entered these 2 divine

gatekeepers in a spiritual realm and in order to teach them a lesson and

redeem them, they are cursed to the Nether realms as downfallen souls. Lord

Mahavishnu appears on the scene, and let's everybody know...."He who shines

in the heart of every creature, living being, animate and inanimate, who is

the cause of all, was solely instrumental in this current drama which has

taken place in the Gates of Vaikuntha, and that He let the Rishi's do their

work of cursing His gatekeepers since He had realized that some level of

ignorance had seeped into them". Yet, being the all merciful and graceful

and Loving Being, He assures his devoted Divine Gatekeepers that they have a

choice to go through a human life either taking a birth as a devotee of Lord

Mahavishnu or Sri Hari in 7 lifetimes, or as His sworn enemy born with the

most terrible demoniac qualities in 3 lifetimes. Since the gatekeepers are

so close to the Supreme Lord, and because separation from His presence will

cause them unlimited pain and sorrow, they readily take the faster route of

returning to Vaikuntha in 3 lifetimes as a Universe fearing Demons.

That is the story of Ravan and his demoniac brother Kumbhakarna. In their

previous incarnation they were also supposed to have been some terrible

demons, Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha and only GOD could vanquish these two

demons in all their 3 lifetimes. That is the second lifetime of these 2

celestial spiritual denizens of the Spiritual Universe and are slain by God

Himself who incarnated as Lord Rama. Please make a notation of the same, so

it will be clear for readers the real story and purpose of this GREAT

Incarnation and the Subsequent Epic Ramayana.